Did I hear free again?
Apr 2012 17

You might have heard that the Pulitzer Prize board decided to give the fiction award to nobody this year.

So, you might be feeling blue. I mean, you were passed over again!

I am with you, brothers and sisters. So to pick you up off the floor of despair, I am offering a free short story in not one, not two but three formats.

Y’all like the book giveaway so much I’m sure you’ll like this too. (The download links are at the bottom of this post.)

The story comes out of my experience of living and working in the American south. It’s called Howard County Rapture and it’s about the rapture (if you don’t know what that is, click here) coming to a fictitious county  in Georgia.

The only problem is all the wrong people were raptured and many of the right people are left on Earth. The rapture, at least for Howard County, also seems a completely local phenomenon.

I’d be interested in your feedback, especially from Southerners. A New York Jewish friend read it and was completely befuddled by the theology.

You can either download the story as a PDF file, which you should be able to read on your laptop (or desktop, if anybody still has one of those), or a mobi file, which you can read on the Kindle, or an epub file, which you should be able to read on a Nook, Kobo, Sony reader and, most importantly, anything running the iBook application from Apple, which means iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

I think the formats should work but let me know if they don’t. Remember, you can contact me here.

Finally, a note on the photo above this post. Like most of the photos on this blog it is mine. It was taken in Effingham County, Ga. during a political fight over whether the county should vote to allow the purchase of liquor by the drink. The pro-drink folks went down on this one I’m afraid. If you read the story, you’ll  understand it’s relevance.

Thanks and hope you enjoy reading.

Here are the download links for all three formats —


Download Howard County Rapture by Stephen Sacco as PDF


Download Howard County Rapture by Stephen Sacco as a mobi/Kindle file


Download Howard County Rapture by Stephen Sacco as an epub/iPad file